Historical autobiography

Prairie by E V Eyre-WalkerPRAIRIE

The true story of the first European child born on the prairie in North-West Manitoba, Canada.

A heartwarming, historical autobiography by P.V. Eyre-Walker.

Against the backdrop of the remote prairies, a spectacularly beautiful landscape where the snowbound winters were long and harsh, the little girl and her family struggled against want, sickness and hardship.

Glimpse a unique fragment of the past in the pages of this book. You won’t believe the hardships this pioneering family endured.

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Pioneering life on the Canadian prairies in the late 19th century was harsh and relentless – far different from anything the settlers had ever known. This authentic autobiography will warm your heart. Available world-wide as an eBook.

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A quote from the book:

“No. 6 engine was the first to pass through, and when the Winnipeg ‘express’ began to run, it arrived in Millwood at about nine o’clock on Saturday nights, so the children never saw it. Consequently if a ‘special’ passed – that is a long train of ’empties’ going up for, or down with wheat – the whole school was turned out to watch it.
One hot August afternoon a ‘special’ pulled up in Millwood and a white-faced engineer got down. The Doctor happened to be in the village and as the long train drew out, the gang foreman came to him.
“The engineer has just reported he has killed two people on the trestle bridge. They were in the middle of the bridge when he came around the curve, and he couldn’t possibly stop in time. I have to go and investigate. Will you come too?”
So the gang foreman and the Doctor piled onto the hand-car and went back to the bridge.. . “

~ P V Eyre-Walker