Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam
Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam

The companion volume to
Princess Pam and the 28 Brave Princess!

Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam

Book #1 of the Princess Pam series

By Cecilia Egan

Age Range: 5-9 years 

More than a hilarious rhyme, this is a slapstick comedy that causes a riot of laughter when read aloud.

Princess Pam and her messy sisters appeal to every child.

The rollicking rhymes, the unconventional story and the lively, detailed pictures combine to make one of the funniest and most original children’s books published.

A jolly king and queen had twenty-four daughters —
Triplets and twins — but not one son.
Happy little princesses, pretty little princesses,
Good little princesses every one.


… sometimes they were very naughty!

Princess Pam Fell Into the Jam

ISBN: 978-1925110784 (paperback)

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