Australian Turtles

Their Care in Captivity

It is best not to keep turtles in captivity. They are not good pets. They are wild creatures and should be allowed free to roam in wild places, following their natural instincts. It is unkind to keep them fenced in. It also involves a lot of work.

If you really must keep these gentle animals in a captive state, you owe it to them to care for them properly. They are very long-lived, so be prepared to look after them for up to 80 years.
Most people know very little about the care of the native semi-aquatic Australian turtles, such as Emydura macquarii and Chelodina longicollis, that are wrenched from their natural homes and sold for profit as pets.

The majority of these animals die when they are very young, mainly due to the ignorance or laziness of their owners. Don’t be one of those owners. Your pet will live a long time if you do your part by devoting a little time to its welfare. Read this book, Australian Turtles: their care in captivity, to learn how to care for them and help them thrive as they deserve.

ISBN: 9780645212914 (hardcover)
ISBN 9781925110968 (paperback)

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ISBN: 9780645212914 (hardcover)
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