The Kitten Who Wants to Say Goodbye to Diapers

The Kitten Who Wants to Say Goodbye to Diapers

A Story to Help Children Use the Potty

Book #3 of The Kitten Who … Series

By Cecilia Egan (Author)
Illustrated by Elizabeth Alger
Age Range: Adults to read to children 1 – 5 years
What is different about this children’s toilet training story-book?
It uses language patterns and proven, powerful psychological techniques that really get results.
Motivation is the key to toilet training. This story is designed to be gently persuasive on both the conscious and unconscious levels.
It is a gentle, happy story that can be be read aloud to children by an older person, and is intended as an aid to any potty-training method.

The psychological techniques woven into this tale can make training quicker and easier. Simple rhyming verses add an extra element of fun.

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ISBN: 978-1925110937 (paperback)

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