The Crowthistle Chronicles Book #4

Cecilia Dart-Thornton

The fourth book in the Crowthistle Chronicles. War engulfs the kingdoms of Tir. Invading armies are marching north and it seems that all is lost . . .

Until a new peril looms; a far more deadly menace that threatens the entire human race. Out of this chaos emerges a stranger, a supernatural knight whose shadow-torn hair falls like the evening wind.

When Asrāthiel saw him she gasped, for he was so beautiful it was like pain to look at him…

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‘Dart-Thornton conjures up her world of Tir in the luminous yet hard-edged manner of Jack Vance and Mary Gentle.’

The Washington Post

Stunning conclusion to a great series!

Dart-Thornton’s Crowthistle Chronicles charts three great love stories in three generations. Lilith and Jarred share the most poignant love (in THE IRON TREE), Jewel and Arran have the most epic pairing (beginning in THE WELL OF TEARS, and hovering in the background of WEATHERWITCH), and in this concluding novel, FALLOWBLADE, Asrathiel becomes caught up in the most surprising, tempestuous, and mythic romance of the series. Is she flirting with evil or has she found her immortal beloved?

Dart-Thornton’s writing is mellifluous, but sharp and honed as the blade of the novel’s enchanted sword, when it needs to be. Her skill in magical world-creation is just as powerfully displayed in this series as it was in the Bitterbynde trilogy.

Perhaps I felt even more enchanted by this series and experienced even more of the celebrated longing for the world of faerie.

I admire the author’s research and her careful documentation of her sources for certain incidents, faerie language, and some of the novel’s themes. This makes fascinating reading, especially for anyone contemplating writing fantasy, and it lays bare her process in a helpful way that doesn’t diminish any of this author’s gramarye.

L. Gott

ISBN: 9780987500144 (paperback)

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