The Lady of the Sorrows

The Lady of the Sorrows

The Bitterbynde Trilogy Book 2

Special edition
Cecilia Dart-Thornton

The adventure continues. Though Imhrien’s memory is clouded by sorcery, she must take vital news to the King-Emperor of Caermelor.
Since no commoner may approach the royal court, she assumes a new identity as Rohain, a noble visitor from the distant Sorrow Isles., She soon discovers that the King and his rangers have departed to battle the unseelie hordes which have declared war against mortalkind.

To protect those she loves, the Lady of the Sorrows must undertake a desperate quest to discover who she is and why an unhuman evil would wreak such destruction. But the truth of Rohain’s past will prove more incredible – and far more tragic – than any she could possibly have imagined.

This special edition contains never-before-published content.

  • A Nielsen Bookscan certified bestseller.
  • Number one on the Sydney Morning Herald bestseller list.
  • Locus Magazine’s ‘recommended reading’.

About the author:
Cecilia Dart-Thornton was discovered on the Internet. She had written the three books of the Bitterbynde Trilogy before she uploaded the first chapter to a Writers’ Workshop.
Her work was spotted by an editor. Soon afterwards, Time Warner’s publishing arm offered her a contract. They published her books in hardcover, the first time they had ever done so with a new author.
The Bitterbynde Trilogy hit the best-seller lists world-wide and has been translated into five languages.

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‘These are extremely impressive books. The complexities of the story, the richness of detail, the moral clarity, the use of myth, the verse sections—everything is first-class. And the ending of the saga is beautiful and heart-wrenching’.

Roland Ottewell

ISBN: 9780987575418 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9781925110548 (paperback)

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