Australian Flower Fairies Birthday and Address Book

National Poetry Month

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It’s National Poetry Month and to celebrate, we are featuring our beautifully illustrated books of poems for children – the Australian Flower Fairies Birthday Book and Address Book.

Here’s one of the poems:

(Nymphaea gigantica)

The pale blue waterlily blooms
From the black mud of the lagoon.
Out of this sticky mess
Come plants of delicate finesse.
Swaying in the tropical warmth,
They’re like a tiny world –
Home to insects day and night
Who use it as a rest from flight.

The fairies love their pale blue flower
And guard it with their strength and power.
They use its floating, plate-like leaves
As a platform for their fun and games;
Diving from the dark green edge –
Which makes a most convenient ledge –
Splashing and laughing as they play;
It’s like a picnic every day.

~ Margaret Thornton