Season’s Greetings & 2024 News!

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Merry Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia, Solstice, Alban Arthan, Festivus, and Happy Hogmanay, Hogswatch and New Year 2024 to all our readers. Including those who don’t celebrate any of those festivals.

Cyberchicks in Love

Leaves of Gold Press has a truly exciting year coming up! Yes, we know the word “exciting” is over-used these days. but we are genuinely exhilarated, stirred and invigorated by the line-up of new titles we have for you in 2024.
March 1 brings Book #1 of the hilarious new CYBERCHICKS series, CYBERCHICKS IN LOVE, which reviewers have praised as “gleefully bizarre” and “otherworldly”. It’s as if Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams get mixed up with your favorite romance novels, with an out-of-date 1990s travel guide thrown in. Get in before the rush. Pre-order it now at Barnes & Noble!


Next, and in a completely different vein, we have AIRSHIP OF DREAMS.
Before the Hindenburg, there was His Majesty’s airship R101. The biggest airship in the world then, she was to be the flagship of the new global airship network. So luxuriously was she outfitted, that people called her the “Titanic of the Skies”. As she voyaged among the clouds, stewards served lavish meals in her dining room, where lamps glowed on snowy-white table cloths and potted plants. Passengers strolled along her promenade deck, whose wide windows overlooked the landscape passing below. The window-curtains were dyed Cambridge blue. The insignias on the uniforms of her crew were embroidered in gold thread.
Like the Titanic, the R101 set off on her maiden voyage, carrying distinguished passengers.
And like the Titanic, her end was catastrophic.
AIRSHIP OF DREAMS is the story of one man who boarded that fateful flight in October 1930. It’s due for release on April 1, 2024. Pre-order now at Barnes & Noble.
Watch the book trailer on YouTube.

Finally, there may or may not be a third Leaves of Gold Press series coming out this year, a Young Adult Fantasy written by a beloved author. Watch this space!