The Kitten Who Wants to be the Boss of her Temper

By Cecilia Egan
Illustrated by Elizabeth Alger

Anger management

Psychological anger management techniques include:

* ‘Breathing out’ the anger with slow, deep breaths.

* Counting to ten slowly, to give angry feelings some time to subside.

* Moving away from the problem situation until you feel calmer.

* Squeezing or pummelling a soft, inanimate object such as a cushion, which cannot be hurt and which cannot hurt you.

* Engaging in vigorous physical activities such as running, cycling, dancing or even housework, as an outlet for pent-up feelings.

* Lying down and listening to relaxing music, or sleeping.

* When you feel calmer, talking about your feelings with someone you trust.

The Kitten Who Wants to Be the Boss of Her Temper

A Story To Help Children Deal With Tantrums

Book #2 of The Kitten Who … Series

What if you could read your children a story incorporating effective psychological methods to help them with anger management?

Many parents worry about young children behaving aggressively when they feel upset. Much of this is normal for youngsters.
Nevertheless, these issues do need to be addressed.

This story also harnesses the mnemonic power of visual association and simple rhyming verse to make learning fun and the anger management techniques easier to remember.

Just as children respond to Cecilia Egan’s sleep-inducing story ‘The Kitten Who Wants to Fall Asleep‘, so they can learn to be the boss of their temper while listening to this tale.

About the author

Cecilia Egan is an author and a mother. She has written numerous books for children, both fiction and non-fiction; notably the acclaimed “Princess Pam Fell Into The Jam“, a hilarious story in rhyme, and “The Kitten Who Wants To Fall Asleep“, which Amazon rated “#1 New Release” in the category ‘Sleep Disorders’.

Other titles by Cecilia Egan include “The Cocky’s Egg”, which was read aloud on ABC’s “Playschool” TV series, the popular “Parents’ Time Off” activity book series, the “Whatever Happened To… ?” fairytale series and the “Nursery Rhyme Story” series.

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ISBN: 978-1925110913 (paperback)

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