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Professor JRR Tolkien is on record as stating that many books he read and loved were among his inspirations for writing The Lord of the Rings and other works.

We are pleased to announce that, in response to letters on behalf of the well-known and charitable Tolkien Estate Limited, our fine collection of books that inspired Professor JRR Tolkien (called “Tolkien’s Bookshelf” since 2013) is now called “The Professor’s Bookshelf”.

The books have been re-issued and are better than ever! Reading the Tolkien Estate letters also prompted us to recall that instead of stopping at 10 books, as we’ve done since 2013, we could be offering many more Tolkien’s-inspiration titles to Tolkien fans. Our range of The Professor’s Bookshelf collection can expand more than threefold. So watch this space and keep an eye out for new releases!

We would like to thank the Tolkien Estate for taking the time to send us so many letters and emails, even though we have no association with them!